Laundry Sink Refinishing

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Laundry Sink replacement can be expensive and put your home out of commission for several days which is why sink refinishing is an excellent alternative. Laundry Sink refinishing services can be done for about less cost of replacement and in much less time than fully replacing the Laundry Sink.

This Service also give you the option to change the color of your existing Laundry Sink to better match the rest of the decoration without replacing it with a new one. Premium Reglazing has a lot of experience, has a license and uses only certified materials made in USA, serving in Los Angeles, California.




  • Professional service provided by experienced technician (5-15 years)
  • 1 day service –  4-6 hours job
  • White color coating heavy duty refinish – High Glossy
  • Fluorocarbon Silicone Polymer technology
  • Custom color available at extra charge (takes 7 days to get order of custom color from laboratory supplier)
  • Can long last up to 5-20 years
  • Chemical stripping included
  • Sanding surface included
  • Etching service if necessary
  • Minor repairs included – Large cracks or rust areas will repair at extra charge
  • PBRA certified primers and top coats – Industrial coatings
  • ISO free – VOC compliant – Non Toxic – Inert – USDA approved
  • Prevent rust and corrosion – Resists UV degradation
  • Reflects 90% of the sun’s energy away from substrate.
  • Ventilation Equipment used
  • HVLP Turbine Sprayers used
  • Film plastic and paper masking used
  • Maintenance instruction form provided (tenant and landlord)